Scientific calculator introduction

Scientific calculator is widely used in school works and statistic calculation. It has a flat shape , smooth touched keyboard with contrasting colors of keys for users’ convenient operation and checking numbers, its dual-powered design is solar-powered and battery inside for extended use. In addition to the basic functions, there are much more functions for mathematical formula operation and statistic calculation.


Large LCD displaywith good quality, one line or two lines display can be made.
Normal display and dot matrix display options
Hard PCB board with fast IC is more stable with long lifetime to use.
clean design and contrasting colors ofkeys, plastic and rubber keys can be made according to customers’
Environmental plastic case with protective slide cover, available in numerous sweets colours.
Slide cover to protect and prevent pressing keys
8+2/10+2 digits can be chosen for users’different requirements.
Multifunctional calculations, normally in 56/240 functions, other functions can be discussed and developed.
Ideal for mathematics calculation, trigonometric statistic, algebraic functions.


Basicpurpose functions for simple calculation .
Automatic priority of calculations, logic of calculations may be performed as expressed in the equation: 1)function calculations, 2) calculation in(), 3)power and root calculation, 4) multiplication and division, 5)addition and subtraction.
Can be made the change sign (+/-) key which simplifies entry of negative numbers.
Can be made the backspace key (→) which  will correct the wrong numbers entered
Automatic power-off functionis to conserve battery long lift time. Automatic power-off function that activates after approximately 7 minutes to save power.
Fractions and decimal calculating.
Open and close brackets make the calculation you need in priority.
Can be made dual power drive supply, solar powered and battery backup are with long-lasting battery life and longer working time.

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