BTS desktop calculator 8/12 digit dual power sweets color stationary

YC-8798 8/12 digits

two way power


BTS desktop calculator sweet color is perfect for students use when back to school .

  • black/white/red/orange color options, other custom colors are welcome.
  • soft PCB and hard PCB board options
  • Roomy keyboard with well-spaced durable plastic keys
  • PVC decorative plate
  • BTS desktop calculator, promotional style in supermarket/stationary store


  • Change sign (+/-) key simplifies entry of negative numbers
  • 8 digit version:square root key for  is useful for schoolwork, power off key,3 keys memory function
  • 12 digit version:backspace key  to correct the wrong numbers entered,4 keys memory and GT function key
  • Percent key
  • automatic power-off function to save power
  • Battery and solar powered for operation anywhere


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